Fresh & Natural

Finally a Freshwater Pearl that is natural; still cultured, but not dyed, ground or processed. Beautifully set in timeless designs. Our Fresh & Natural Pearls are simply designed to bring out the beauty in you!

Traveling Pearls
Uniquely Yours
For every adventurer there's a partner in crime. Why not let your partner be as unique, beautiful, and rugged as you?
One of a Kind Pearls
They speak for themselves.
Fresh & Natural
Traveling Pearls

Your Travel-light companion for all your adventures! Perfect for heavy hiking, sweating or swimming. One adjustable knot on high grade leather. Styles come in three genres, plus a One of a Kind All Natural Tahitian Pearl mounted in

Sterling Silver.


We believe in presenting our pearls to you right from the oyster.  By using our designs to enhance the individuality of each pearls, we can refuse the common steps of grinding, dying and irradiating our pearls. Though our Pearls are Cultured, we are proud to show the natural beauty only Mother Nature can do, imperfections and all!


Our South Sea and Tahitian cultured Pearls are carefully picked from the living oyster, and then a new seed pearl is replanted, sustaining the future crop. The longer the pearl is in the oyster, the thicker the nacre and better the quality. Each oyster will produce several pearls, but only one at a time. Only the oldest and largest oysters can produce the 15+mm pearls that we feature regularly.

Undyed Pearls

Most of the pearls today are either not from an oyster, or they have been overly processed to make a bad pearl look good. (We call it Lipstick on a Pearl!) In our search for a naturally beautiful pearl we may overlook a small blemish in order to show a wonderful natural color or shiny nacre on a pearl. Once you wear a Lacrimosa Pearl, you can tell the difference immediately from a factory processed pearl. All our creations are hand crafted in the U.S. in several price points for all occasions. Each has a personality and would love to join you on your adventure of life!



We realize the word organic has a different meaning here than it does with food. At Lacrimosa, we refer to the natural state in which the pearls are grown. South Sea and Tahitian Pearls float around in the ocean eating plankton at the mercy of the tides and weather conditions. Freshwater pearls are fed by man, but as with the South Sea and Tahitian Pearls, we are careful not to use growers that treat their pearls with chemicals after they are harvested.